1. Central park bubble pop.

  2. when it rains, it rains.

  3. Hard line. 


  4. "It comes from a place deep in the soul where chance plays tricks on us… It’s all in your imagination."
    — Bruce Weber wrote of the pictures in Paul Jasmin’s introduction to his 2004 monograph Lost Angeles. From a “Hollywood” state of mind in Interview Magazine. 
  5. I see you, baby. 


  6. "I like the idea of turning as many shotguns as possible into flower guns. I don’t think we can plant too many flowers."
  8. The sun also sets…

  9. Shallow end.

  10. Treats No. 1 and Treats No. 4.

    Images chosen for a juried exhibition called Food For Thought.

    Aug. 21 through Sept. 14 at 440 Gallery in New York. 


  11. "You have to pay your dues to the photo gods, I guess."
  12. Looking east… it’s not that bad. 


  13. "My plates are horribly flawed but of course it’s the flaws I like. So you pray. In your prayer you pray, “Please don’t let me screw it up, but just screw it up a little bit, just enough to make it interesting.’"
  14. Stop signs and wonders. 

  15. Folk it up.