1. "Girls are not the photons that hit the corneas of boys. Regardless of your gender - regardless their gender, you do not exist to please someone else. You exist for your sake."
    — Some cool guy named Hank said this cool thing. Thanks for posting Cait Hof :D!
  2. Montana Street

  3. Down-to-earth is boring. 

  4.  Frozen romance. Details details. Don’t forget to pause and recognize the little galaxy at your feet. Flake universe, a bigger picture.

  5. null and void landscape

  6. below zero undulating landscape

  7. Flake Universe. Redundant but I don’t care. Repetitive because, why not. Free your mind.


  8. "You need a lover, John, I think.
    Someone, I’d say, who’s fun to be with —
    And, of course, vitamin C to eat —
    And choose a richer lens to see with.
    Reach for a vision more complete.
    Trade in that zoom for a wide angle
    Don’t let your drooping sunflower dangle
    Its head upon the garden wall.
    It needs some watering, that’s all…."
    — The Golden Gate by Vikram Seth.
  9. Flake Universe. Compilation. Overworked. Tired. Etc. 


  10. "When we parted, on the boulevard du Montparnasse, I leaned over to give her a kiss on the cheek. “If you do find paradise,” she said, turning to leave, “send me a grape.”"
    — Imagine Paradise. Adam Leith Gollner is the author of The Book of Immortality, which received the Mavis Gallant Prize at the 2013 Quebec Writers’ Federation Awards.
  11. Flake universe. Compilation. Two. Signs and wonders etc. and whatever happens, happens. It’s only a half truth though… 

  12. Flake universe. Compilation. There are lots of flakes out there…

  13. To my player(s), lover(s), hater(s) and friend(s)….Anti-Valentine(s), to you all the hearts and stars. You deserve it.

    It took me 45 minutes to decide on the perfect teddy bear to kick. I lined them up in the isle and tapped each lightly. I noted where they measured up-at what height they hit my leg. I tried to estimate how far I thought they might fly. When the clerk walked by, he asked how the day was treating me…I lied and said I thought I was getting sick.

  14. 'M' is for me me me. Selfish mountain foto….

  15. Blue day. #frozenlandscape