1. Thankful.

  2. Heat light break. 

  3. Once upon a time…a broken heat.

  4. The hope cycle. 


  5. "The universe is made of stories, not atoms."
  6. Central park bubble pop.

  7. when it rains, it rains.

  8. Hard line. 


  9. "It comes from a place deep in the soul where chance plays tricks on us… It’s all in your imagination."
    — Bruce Weber wrote of the pictures in Paul Jasmin’s introduction to his 2004 monograph Lost Angeles. From a “Hollywood” state of mind in Interview Magazine. 
  10. I see you, baby. 


  11. "I like the idea of turning as many shotguns as possible into flower guns. I don’t think we can plant too many flowers."
  13. The sun also sets…

  14. Shallow end.

  15. Treats No. 1 and Treats No. 4.

    Images chosen for a juried exhibition called Food For Thought.

    Aug. 21 through Sept. 14 at 440 Gallery in New York.